Our services

International Cargo Delivery

We offer cargo delivery by direct automobile transport to and from the EU countries. Before entering in an agreement, we always lay out the details concerning the upcoming delivery: loading location, cargo specifications, customs commodity codes. Also, our staff always checks all the documentation handed over to the driver during loading in order to avoid any problems and delays on the border.
Our fleet of vehicles includes 92-cubic curtain siders as well as refrigerator trailers. A client can freight either a whole semi-trailer, or part of it. The maximum weight of cargo delivered by a trailer is of 22 tons; every semi-trailer is equipped with 18 straps and 36 angle pieces to fix cargo. We offer comprehensive cargo insurance coverage.

International Carriage of Dangerous Goods

80 per cent of the drivers at our company are certified to transport dangerous goods. As of today, we can offer our clients transportation of goods belonging to hazard classes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9.
Every vehicle is equipped in compliance with regulatory requirements from the international road transport agreement (ADR); before accepting a shipment, we demand that the client provide the codes of dangerous goods. Our experts verify the current requirements of the regulatory bodies in the countries through which the vehicles pass. We prepare all the documentation required for transportation and also instruct the driver to ensure safe transportation of goods.

Delivery of groupage cargo

Our company provides a full range of services related to delivery of groupage cargo. Small trucks regularly pick up shipments in the EU countries and deliver them to a warehouse located in Poland. We pick up, on a weekly basis, the shipments at our warehouse in Poland and transport them to one of our warehouses for temporary storage, located in Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Kazan and Ulyanovsk. A door-to-door delivery of goods is also available: we can receive shipments in the EU countries without using our warehouses for temporary storage and without transshipment in Poland.

Customs Clearance

We will be glad to provide you with information regarding import and export of goods in Russia. We offer customs clearance services and work closely with the client in order to choose the best and less costly way of going through the customs clearance process. Using our own transportation vehicles, we have the advantage of obtaining customs clearance documents at the time the vehicle crosses the border between the European Union and the Republic of Belarus. By the time the vehicle arrives at the warehouse for temporary storage in the Volga Region, the broker has already obtained all the required clearance customs documents.