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Vavs warehouse is in the area of responsibility of the Ulyanovsk customs and is located in address:

Ulyanovsk, ul. Hvatkova, d.17, (latitude: 54.257761, longitude: 48.253364)

Ulyanovsk customs control department №2 of Zasviyazhskiy Ulyanovsk customs post (hereinafter – the OTO and TK No. 2) is located in the same address. The customs office code: 10414032

Work schedule of OTO and TK No. 2:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 08:30 – 17:30 The day before official holiday work time is shortened by 1 hour
Wednesday 10:10 – 17:30
Friday 08:30 – 16:30
Lunch time 12:30 – 13:18
Saturday, Sunday Weekend, no working

Work schedule of warehouse:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 08:00 – 18:00 The day before official holiday work time is shortened by 1 hour
Friday 08:00 – 17:00
Lunch time 12:30 – 13:18 Phone and mail contacts are always available
Saturday, Sunday Weekend, no working Phone and mail contacts are always available

The below is works algorithm with truck delivering goods in International destination

  1. A truck arrives at the customs control area (ZTK). Employee Vavs warehouse notes the arrival time, and informs goods owners about the arrival of the truck via e-mail. In case of your organization has not left us contact information, you can always call and clarify information about the arrived truck by phone: +7(8422) 270-684.

  2. 30 minutes before the start of the workday of customs officers, employees Vavs collect information about all trucks arrived during night and notify all consignees who have left contact about the arrived truck.

  3. In 8.30 am customs officers start receiving documents from the drivers arrived vehicle. The procedure starts with “the closure of the customs procedure of customs transit” (the study of documents, entry into customs data base, identification of the vehicle). Finishing of “the closure of the customs procedure of customs transit”, the consignee can know from the software for customs clearance (e.g., Viola). Warehouse staff have no information about the timing of the “closing procedure of customs transit”, as well as the process status. Before completing this procedure, getting access to the cargo is prohibited and any operations with the cargo impossible. According to the current customs legislation of the customs authority has 3 hours to complete the customs transit procedure, however, the customs officers make every effort to perform all the necessary operations as soon as possible.

  4. During 3 hours after the completion of “the customs transit procedure” must be done in one of the following customs procedures:

    1. In the case preliminary Declaration of goods (hereinafter – DT) isn’t submitted, final Declaration of goods should be submitted OR

    2. Submitted the application for placement of goods in warehouse.

    The following organizations can place good on warehouse:

    1. The Consignee

    2. Customs representative (customs broker)

    3. The cargo Carrier

    For placing cargo in warehouse is necessary to sign the CONTRACT on the provision of services for terminal handling with Vavs LLC, if it was not signed earlier. You also need a application for placement of goods in warehouse that can be forwarded to warehouse employee on e-mail with the following information: carrier name, vehicle number, number of the transit Declaration, CMR, invoice, total number of packages and gross weight. This application can be done in free form; it is desirable to attach scanned copies of the listed documents. Based on the submitted documents the staff of warehouse apply on the placement of goods in warehouse.

    After the registration application, warehouse employees unload goods in the warehouse (for standard palletized cargo, the procedure may take no more than 40 minutes for a truck). After that, consignee will be informed that the cargo is unloaded, the driver receives shipping documents with a stamp of customs on receipt of goods and within 30 minutes, the truck can leave the customs territory.

  5. If the consignee submitted application about the stowage of the cargo in the open area of warehouse, the warehouse employees will show truck driver the location in open area, where truck, without unloading the goods, waits for further instructions.

  6. If the consignee submitted DT (preliminary or "three hours"), the vehicle remains in the ZTK. The vehicle may be located in ZTK day after submission DT. After this time the goods must be released or placed in warehouse (see p. 4 of article).

  7. If in the process of customs clearance will be assigned a customs inspection, a representative of the consignee is mandatory. However, if you have a power of attorney (sample can be downloaded here the power of attorney on representation of interests) this function can be performed by the warehouse employees..

  8. The consignee can check customs procedure status by software for customs clearance, where he submitted DT. Warehouse employees do not have information about the status of customs clearance process. When the consignee get information about finishing customs clearing procedures, he must contact with the driver in order to receive shipping documents from customs officers. If contact with the driver is impossible, this information can be transmitted to driver through the warehouse staff by phone +7-8422-270-684

    Together with the Ulyanovsk customs officers we are actively working to simplify the procedure of informing the driver about finishing customs procedures.

  9. The truck leaves the territory of ZTK and in accordance with the instructions of the consignee goes for unloading at the specified place.

  10. The consignee may provide detailed instructions to warehouse staff (route, scheme, contacts phone numbers) for transmission this information to the driver of the vehicle.

  11. In case of overload the goods from one truck to truck, the consignee must send the warehouse staff full information by e-mail (e-mail

  12. For getting goods from the warehouse, the consignee should send information by e-mail (e-mail to warehouse staff about vehicle, goods, driver. It should be done not later than 30 minutes before arrival of the truck. Driver should have power of attorney and identity document.

  13. After completing all operation, the consignee will get a bill from OOO "Vavs".

Vavs warehouse contacts:

1 floor, office Warehouse staff

Tel: +7 (8422) 27-06-84


Mobile tel.: +7 937-272-96-58

Ulyanovsk customs control department №2 of Zasviyazhskiy Ulyanovsk customs post:

2 and 3 floor, customs office


Ulyanovsk customs post bank details for customs payment (for individuals and corporate clients. persons):

Вид платежа КБК
Авансовые платежи в счет будущих таможенных и иных платежей 15311009000010000180

Получатель — Межрегиональное операционное УФК (ФТС России) - поле (16) платежного поручения,

ИНН получателя — 7730176610, (ИНН ФТС России) - поле (61),

КПП получателя — 773001001, (КПП ФТС России) - поле (103),

Банк получателя — Операционный Департамент Банка России, г. Москва, 701 - поле (13),

БИК — 044501002 - поле (14),

ОКТМО — 45328000 - поле (105),

Счёт — № 40101810800000002901 (счет получателя) - поле (17).

В поле (104) должен быть указан КБК в соответствии с видом уплачиваемого таможенного платежа, либо пени, в поле (107) - код таможенного органа 10414000.

Обращаем Ваше внимание, что с 1 января 2014 года в поле (105) указывается код, присвоенный территории муниципального образования (межселенной территории) или населенного пункта, входящего в состав муниципального образования в соответствии с Общероссийским классификатором территорий муниципальных образований – ОКТМО.

В соответствии с пунктом 2 статьи 855 части 2 Гражданского кодекса Российской Федерации (в редакции Федерального закона от 2 декабря 2013 года № 345-ФЗ «О внесении изменений в статью 855 части второй Гражданского кодекса Российской Федерации») при перечислении таможенных и иных платежей на счет органа Федерального казначейства в поле (21) платежного документа указывается пятая очередь платежа.

Примечание: в графе «Назначение платежа» указывать: «Для Ульяновской таможни. Авансовые таможенные платежи по контракту (либо обеспечение уплаты за …)».

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